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Human Resources 

Administrative Assistant: Tina Hogue(740) 472-5801 x5505

One word that consistently comes to mind when thinking about Switzerland of Ohio School District's Human Resources Department is "happy." No matter why you visit, the goal is for you to leave satisfied with the information and service provided.

This busy department, located on the first floor of the Board office, is constantly on the go. From interview people to ensure the best fit is identified, to conducting BCI and FBI background checks, to helping with work permits, and everything in between, this department is moving constantly. New innovations have resulted in improvements in personnel tracking systems, better communications processes, and a more effective job posting approach to ensure all positions are filled with great employees. Looking ahead, the department will be evaluating new software for improved tracking and progress review to increase access to data and eliminate unnecessary physical record storage.

The net for Switzerland of Ohio's HR Department is to listen, respond, and deliver to make sure all staff, student, and community member needs are met.