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At Swiss Hills Career Center, our goal is to blend required academic subjects with hands-on skills training to prepare our students for a career immediately upon graduation. We create development spaces that mimic the real world to the greatest extent possible, so students are developing skills in true-to-life environments and situations.

We offer a variety of career programs, including automotive repair, computer science, cosmetology, culinary arts, and welding.

In addition to learning with expert instructors, students in several programs have the chance to work with the public through our hair salon, car repair shop, and restaurant. Students conduct the work under the full guidance of a licensed instructor, and the public benefits by not only receiving reduced prices but by helping our future area service providers develop strong technical and customer service skills. Please click the menu links on the left under "Public Services" to learn more about each of these services.

Community service is also a hallmark of Swiss Hills. Many of our students invest hundreds of hours in helping the community.