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Directory Information Includes: Last Name, First Name, Position, Website, Email

Last NameAckerman, First NamePhil
Last NameBender, First NameQuinn
PositionSchool Psychologist
Last NameBohach, First NameJennifer
PositionChief Academic Officer
Last NameBosley, First NameBrent
Last NameBrooks, First NameAndy
PositionDistrict Evaluator
Last NameBurkhart, First NameSarah
PositionAsst. Treasurer - Accounts Payable
Last NameClutter, First NameJason
PositionTransportation Supervisor
Last NameDierkes, First NameLori
PositionSpecial Education Secretary
Last NameFerguson, First NameRichard
PositionEmployee Relations Specialist
Last NameHill, First NameJacob
PositionIT Specialist
Last NameHill, First NameTess
PositionTechnology Director
Last NameHogue, First NameTina
PositionAdministration Assistant/Personnel
Last NameKoslik, First NameLarry
PositionSpecial Education Director
Last NameKress, First NameConnie
Last NameLarkin, First NameLuca
PositionSchool Psychologist
Last NameReed, First NameCindy
PositionExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent
Last NameReed, First NameJoe
PositionDistrict Courier/Warehouse
Last NameRex, First NameAmanda
PositionAssistant Treasurer (Benefits)
Last NameRouse, First NameStephanie
PositionEMIS Coordinator
Last NameRuble, First NameMarissa
PositionDistrict Prevention Specialist
Last NameSchnegg, First NameRegi
PositionPayroll Treasurer (Payroll)
Last NameSchuerle, First NameAurie
PositionSchool Psychologist
Last NameShreve, First NamePatty
PositionAssistant Treasurer/Accounts Payable
Last NameSprouse, First NameMacey
PositionDistrict Attendance Officer
Last NameStollar, First NameCorey
PositionIT Specialist
Last NameWiggins, First NameSarah
PositionEMIS Assistant/District Testing Coordinator
Last NameWilson, First NameGreg
PositionCleaning Person
Last NameYoho, First NameParis
PositionFacilities Director