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About Monroe Central High School


At Monroe Central High School, our goal is to develop students to become productive citizens who are lifelong learners in our ever-changing society. We empower each student to accomplish their goals with confidence, knowing they have been prepared to overcome whatever obstacles they may face in the future.

To accomplish this, our teachers and administrators are constantly seeking new opportunities and methods of teaching to help meet the diverse needs and aspirations of every student. From Advanced Placement academic opportunities to FFA and CTE certifications, to foreign languages, fine arts, and performing arts, we offer the chance for students to explore new ideas and interests and identify their passions.

Upon graduation from Monroe Central High School, our students will exemplify PRIDE:

Prepared: They will be ready to adapt and change to meet their personal goals
Respect: They will be respectful of others, themselves, and the world around us
Integrity: They will be reliable and committed to doing what is right for themselves and others
Determination: They will have the drive to become productive citizens and family members
Effort: They will be willing to invest the effort needed to make their dreams come true