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SOLSD uses 3D printers to create face masks for local healthcare workers & first responders


 Resources are running low all around, and the Switzerland of Ohio School District (SOLSD) has dedicated itself to give back to the people risking themselves during this pandemic: local healthcare workers and first responders. 

The district has been busy using 3D printers to create face masks for the individuals on the front lines of COVID-19. Superintendent Caldwell and Mark Romick collected 3D printers from individual Switzerland schools and brought them to the River High School STEM lab to make these masks. Many principals donated their 3D printers for this cause, including: 

  • Mr. Zac Housley, Powhatan’s principal
  • Mr. Casey Tolzda, Beallsville’s principal
  • Mr. Chris Caldwell, Skyvue’s principal 
  • Mr. Eric James, River Elementary’s principal
  • Mr. Ed Trinoff, River High’s principal

In total, there are 8 printers running to create these masks. 

The headpiece of the mask is made with the 3D printer, but the face shield itself is actually made from overhead transparency sheets donated by teachers from their own personal teaching inventory. ACE Hardware has also donated supplies for the assembly of the masks. 

STEM instructor Mark Moore volunteered to run the printers, set up the programs, and keep things moving during this time. Superintendent Rob Caldwell, Associate Superintendent Cyndi Brill, and River Elementary’s Career Readiness advisor Mark Romick are also helping to make and assemble the masks. 

Mr. Romick says, “It’s really neat delivering these masks to the various departments and squads; it gives us a way to give back to those people out on the front line putting themselves in harm’s way. We’re trying to do our part as a district to help out, and they’re all very thankful.”

So far, the team has delivered over 150 masks to the Sheriff’s department, two police departments, and the East Squads. They have been contracted to make masks for other hospitals and Sheriff’s departments, including Marietta Memorial Hospital, and masks for the neighboring areas.